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We believe that the answers we all seek are already within us.  It's an inside job! Using a variety of holistic modalities, we work together to remove blocks and unlock hidden potential. Free your Soul and follow your passion. After all your passion is your path! 


Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH

Born in Germany and growing up on Long Island, New York, Billie specializes in helping people create inner freedom.  "When we break free from our limiting beliefs and old programming, our soul is FREE to express its unique and Divine creative plan". Using a variety of Natural Healing Modalities Billie works with the client to 'rewire' the inner blueprint, releasing what no longer serves us, transforming negative into positive. This brings balance and peace, which invites healing on all levels; mind, body and spirit.

Prior to holistic medicine, Billie managed pain practices for 18 years. This gave her the opportunity to study pain patterns in people as well as see how western medicine at the time treated only the symptoms. This led to her passion of treating the underlying reasons for illness so true healing can occur. Billie began to study various forms of energy medicine.  She became a Reiki Master Teacher, Anra Master and a Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner. Combined with Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Guidance creates a truly transformative experience. The results of which have both astounded herself and her clients that Billie has conducted various case studies. One study helped dissolve a blood clot in record time while removing the toxins of the Coumadin. Another assisted an inflamed liver to return to normal without invasive surgery. In each case, healing the underlying emotional pain or pattern that kept the client blocked. 


Before long some of her clients even began to channel powerful messages from the Light. Messages to help uplift humanity. Billie has written a book to share these amazing stories in; 'How I got on my Journey'. 

Because much of our stress which includes fear, causes illness and disease, and because our fears start at a very young age, Billie devotes much of her time now providing empowerment programs for children such as 'Magical Mystery Adventures' for the little ones and 'Mindfulness and The Inner GPS' for the older kids. She volunteers for organizations like the Haven and Rotary International to connect with children and those in need. For adults Billie teaches various classes as well as Mindfulness and Meditation at the public libraries. She also has a club in The Villages called Caregiver Reboot or 'The Reboot Club'.

"Imagine, feeling inner Freedom!

Expanded Consciousness

Deeper connection to Self and others. Life is all about connection!


My goal is to help you tap into your innate gifts, your higher self. You know you have all the answers inside you already. You can bring forth your inner wisdom and creative gifts to manifest the life you truly desire.  It's easier than you think." 



Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH 


Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association

Member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners

Member National Association of Professional Women

Member WOTM; Women on the Move

Member SCWBEC; Suffolk County Women's Business Enterprise Coalition

Member Quality Parks Master Naturalist Program

CEO and Founder of Reveal the Light Within and formerly; Village Holistic Healing

Author and Motivational Speaker

Holistic Health Consultant

Board Certified In Hypnosis

Certified Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Master Anra Practitioner

Certified Shaman

Certified Master An=Ra Healer

Certified Tarot Reader

Certified in Intuitive Counseling and Communication

Ordained Non-Denominational Minister

Martina Weiss

Project Manager for Reveal the Light Within

Reiki Practitioner, Shaman/Medicine Woman, Artist

Director of Operations for our upcoming Wellness Retreat Center in Florida, US.

Combining 20 years experience in Office Management with a deep Love for helping

others on their Spiritual journey! An artist and soon to be Author, Tina encourages

everyone to express themselves through creative venues such as art. 

Caregiver Reboot Club

Every 2nd Saturday 1:00-2:00 at Captiva Recreation Center in The Villages, FL

658 Pinellas Pl, The Villages, FL 32162

Billie currently leads a Club in The Villages called; "Caregiver Reboot" or "Reboot Club!" Considered a support group it is open to the public. Residents outside of The Villages are welcome, simply mention you are there for the Reboot Club at the desk as you enter.     

Although originally developed for Caregivers, this club is for anyone who is ready to care for #1! 

I'm sure we've all heard the advice of how important it is to care for ourselves before we can care for others.

Great but easier said than done, right!?! It doesn't have to be so overwhelming. The goal is that after attending

a few times, you will be equipped with the tools you need to embrace every role in your life- including caregiver!


It's time to care for #1!

Learn daily practices you can adopt to create a more healthful and fulfilled Life. Short videos and discussions are part of the club. We may have a guest speaker or group of holistic healers come to introduce new things to help us evolve. A Guided Meditation will be included in each gathering to help release stress and recharge your batteries. Reiki practitioners will be available to provide energy healing during meditation.


Let's go from surviving to Thriving!

Book Club                           

We will be adding a book discussion group for the series; "The Celestine Prophecy". To me it is like a guidebook on how to raise our vibration...use our energy to connect with others.  And how collectively we have the potential to change the world. All in a 'hard to put down' adventure story. As a group we can practice the different 'Insights' of the series. Support each other in our personal transformation. An amazing tool to get on the path and find your calling and purpose. Contact here to to be notified of dates and times.

Whatever Path you're on, hope you stop by and say hello! 

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