Online Chakra Activation Series

Join us for an exciting 9 week series on the chakras; our energy centers! 

Starting June 8th, 2020

Discover the basics such as;

  • What are chakras, what do they do? 

  • What belief systems are held in each chakra? 

  • What other factors influence our chakras?

  • How do we clear and balance our chakras?

Benefits Include...

  • A healthier physical body

  • More energy to do the things you Love

  • Mental clarity and increased focus

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Greater Spiritual connection

Learn about the entire chakra system, including a few new ones! We will start with our root chakra and work our way to the crown. 

Each week includes:


  • Instruction

  • Exercises for the respective Chakra


  • Downloadable Healing Meditations

  •  Community Support

Ready to take the leap?

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No experience required. Registration ends June 7th!

Chakra Activation Series $199

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Online Chakra Activation Series
Jun 08, 7:00 AM
online via email

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