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Online Chakra Activation Series

Join us for an exciting 9 week series on the chakras; our energy centers!

Next series starts November 2nd, 2021


...and finishing the year off through December!

Discover the basics such as;

  • What are chakras, what do they do? 

  • What belief systems are held in each chakra? 

  • What other factors influence our chakras?

  • How do we clear and balance our chakras?


Benefits Include...

  • A healthier physical body

  • More energy to do the things you Love

  • Mental clarity and increased focus

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Greater Spiritual connection

Learn about the entire chakra system, including a few new ones! We will start with our root chakra and work our way to the crown. This class becomes a step by step process in Awakening to your Highest Self!

Each week includes:


  • Instruction

  • Exercises for the respective Chakra


  • Downloadable Healing Meditations

  • Community Support

Ready to take the leap?

The Leap
Mudra Meditation

Register Below!

Once registered, you will receive your Welcome letter, Zoom link and instructions.

Plus an invitation to join our private Chakra Series community on Facebook; where we can chat and support each other. Connect with your Soul Tribe!

Every Sunday you will receive another module for the week. The modules contain the downloadable materials and pre-recorded lesson plan, you can do on your own time.

Each module includes Guided meditations and exercises for the particular chakra we are working on that week. It also helps prepare you to begin to gather the items around your home or even in your fridge :) that assist in stimulating and balancing that chakra. We will learn more about that in the first module.


Tuesdays is our live Zoom Class! We will go over the program and here you can join in on the conversation, ask questions, make comments or share your story.  During the last half hour you will experience a live healing meditation.

As you know, the power of our heart lights expanding as we come together, will create peace and high vibration healing frequencies for ourselves and the planet!


We start the 9 weeks (9 for transformation)… on November 2nd and end the last week of the year, making it the perfect transformation vehicle to move through this Ascension from 3D to 5D; creating the New Earth and living your best life! Your purpose, your mission!


It’s time to reveal the Light within and follow your passion! After all, your passion is your path!


Let’s do this together!

Chakra Activation Series Intensive; Regularly $297

Now $144.00

  • The Natural Healing Power of Gemstones
    Mar 25, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    The Bear Den, The Villages, FL, USA
    An introduction to 'The Natural Healing Power of Gemstones!' Yes, they are that powerful!
  • Clearing Cellular Memory
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Mar 28
    Mar 28, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
    It's time to clear the old cellular memory and programming! It's time be who you are truly meant to be!
  • Embrace The Goddess Within
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Apr 03
    Live Zoom Event
    Apr 03, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Live Zoom Event
    Are you ready to Embrace the Goddess Within?
  • Online Chakra Activation Series (1)
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Apr 04
    Empowerment Webinar
    Apr 04, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
    Empowerment Webinar
    Create Love, Joy, Health and Balance in your life by clearing and activating your Chakras! A 7 week Live Zoom Empowerment Workshop!
  • Transformation Meditation Process
    Fri, Apr 28
    Virtual Event
    Apr 28, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT
    Virtual Event
    Go within and let your True Self Shine!
  • Root Chakra Activation
    Download Now!
    Download Now!
    Enhance your connection to the physical Earth, your physical identity and cultivate basic Trust. It's time to get grounded!
  • Intro to The Chakra System
    Download Now!
    Download Now!
    An overview of how your chakras or energy system help balance your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • Stress Relief Guided Meditation
    Download Now!
    Create peace, balance and joy in times of change.
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