Magical Mystery Adventures™  A Mindfulness Programs for young Children

Magical Mystery Adventures™ is a children's program that incorporates the use of 'mindfulness'. Children learn the basics of meditation or going within, creating inner peace and balance. They learn how to use their 'inner tools' to navigate through emotions and situations that occur in their lives. This 1-2 hour program uses fun, purposeful story telling combined with empowering mini meditations and guided visualization.

Each story is designed to provide children with the tools they need to release stress and develop self worth. Children learn to cultivate joy, making the mind-body-spirit connection. Breathing exercises and related activities accompany each story and are designed to empower and create positive self development. Imagine not having to worry about your child because they trust their own intuition!


Mindful Meditations (M&M) is the age appropriate adaptation for grades 5 and up. We join in a group guided meditation expanding in consciousness and exploring deeper aspects of ourselves and the world. Together we create focus and peace.

Empowerment Goals

  • Creating Mind, Body & Spirit  Harmony

  • Children learn how to use their natural tools to:    

            * finding inner peace

            * trusting their intuition

            * developing an inner compass

            * recognizing inner wisdom

            * understanding the mind-body connection


 Benefits Include;

            * building confidence

            * creating focus

            * promoting restful sleep

            * strengthen immune system 

                                                    and much more!

Self Discovery Activities that promote;


  • Mindfulness

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Empowerment

  • Positive Intention

  • Connection with Nature and Community

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