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Informative talks and workshops

Meditation Class

       Weekly Meditation Classes      6 week series $7/ea.  $42 total            


       Class now forming. Contact to sign up.

       Location: In The Village of Chitty Chatty     

       Registration Required. Address upon registration


Whether you meditate often or are new to meditation, joining in on a group meditation creates a wonderful, healthy new habit. Learn about the benefits and various techniques that help create healing and bring balance into your life. Many doctors now recommend meditation for wellness and inner transformation. Matter of fact, there are hundreds of benefits like releasing stress, lower blood pressure, slow down aging process, discover your highest purpose! Here is a list of 100 examples. Click here!


Each week we enjoy a peaceful, guided meditation. Feel free to bring your journal and wear comfy clothes.  Click here to contact   Or register by paying ahead...             

Reiki Level 1 & 2  Certification- A 3 Day Course

$375 for both Certificates! (save $50)

Next Class: Contact for next dates and availability

9:00-4:00 p.m. each day

For a weekend class or additional dates please contact

Location: In The villages, address upon registration

Become Certified in the Usui Lineage. Certification is split in 2 classes, conducted over 3 days, allowing time for group practice. There is one week between each class. Villages Location given at time of registration. For more info visit or Reiki page here. Contact for a flyer. Registration and $100 deposit required. To register, pay deposit now and you will be contacted >>>

Reiki ART & Master Certification $450.00  (a $1,125 value)

Class now forming!

A 3 Day intensive, spaced 1 week apart between classes. This class combines Reiki Advanced training, the Reiki III Class, The Master Class and Master Teacher.  The time is now to help attune others to Reiki and spread the healing! Prerequisite: Reiki II. A Deposit of $100 is required one week prior to class. Please pay deposit using button to the right.

For additional REIKI Certification class information and to Register, Click Here!


To Register contact or pay Deposit here...   

Introduction to the Healing Power of Gemstones!

Exchange $10  Includes meditation with the gemstone energy and their guardians

Date: TBA

Location: The Village of Chitty Chatty, The Villages, FL. (Address upon registration)            

Crystals and Gemstones do not just help our computers, cell phones and clocks 

run, they are actually record keepers and comprised of amazing healing energy that resonates with our human energy field. Whether for physical, emotional or spiritual support, there is a gem out there ready to help you! 

Straight From Mother Nature's Pharmacy!


Your Awakened DNA

Date: Contact for upcoming dates!     $33 

In  this workshop, we will be working with the Archangels and other high beings of Light; our Galactic family to transform any cellular memory that is blocking you from true health and happiness. You will also strengthen your etheric shield. which is very important at this time because it protects you from lower vibrations.

This will be a true upgrade and activation!

Location: In The Village of Chitty Chatty, address upon registration.

To register buy now:

Introduction to our Chakras  $10


Date: Contact for upcoming dates! 

Location: In The Village of Chitty Chatty  


You may have heard the word before but perhaps are not quite sure what it's all about. 'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel'. Our Chakras are actually vortexes of spiraling energy that take in information and energy from our surroundings which literally affects every area of our lives. The clearer our chakras; the healthier and happier we are. 

Included is a guided healing meditation to help clear and bring balance to our chakras as well as the surrounding Auric field. Come release stress and heighten the feelings of joy and inner peace. Discover how amazing the human body really is!


Come Release, Relax and Renew!

Wear comfy clothing, bring your yoga mat, pillow and journal! (optional) 
Seating is limited. Registration Required.  Address given upon registration. 

Call/Text 631-394-5292 or contact here.



Next 9 week Series: Contact for upcoming dates!  Exchange $20 per session.

Learn about the entire chakra system, including a few new chakras! We will start with our root chakra and work our way to the crown. Learn where they are, what they do for us and how to clear and balance them. Each week includes a healing meditation connected to that chakra. No experience required. You do not have to attend all classes if schedule does not permit, however it is recommended to get the full benefits. Wear comfy clothes and bring your journal!

*** Our Chakra Activation Series is now online!  

       Contact for details or to be notified. Contact 

Awaken the Goddess Within    $33                    


Date: Contact for details

Location: The Village of Chitty Chatty, FL 

The Divine Feminine energy is re-emerging! This is not only the nurturing and creation energy within each of us, it also helps us be in touch with our emotions, dreams and even our Mother Earth. This is the energy of giving and receiving!

Are you feeling off balance with your giving and receiving?

Learn about the ancient Goddess’ and receive Divine Guidance through Goddess Oracle cards. Lastly as we venture on a guided meditation to the Goddess Temple, the Goddesses will work on you directly, helping activate the divine feminine blueprint within.

Honor your femininity! Contact for more info or any questions you may have.

Registration required. To register, Buy now by clicking here...

Address forwarded upon registration.

Red Lips
goddess crop circle.jpg

Recommendations for optimal results (optional, not mandatory):                   

  • Day before class, eat less meat, cut down on caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake  

  • Get plenty of rest the night before, journal any dreams, visions 

  • Day of Class: Bring Yoga mat (and a blanket if called to)

  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal! 

  • Drink plenty of water after class.

Goddess 101 for Men! …a Meditation Workshop for Men


Location: TBA.   Date: TBA    (contact to be notified) Exchange $25

There is a Divine God/Goddess energy within every man, woman and child. It is the balance of both aspects that helps us align with our Soul’s path; our visions and dreams. Understanding the Goddess energy helps us understand our relationship to ourselves and others. 


In this workshop for Men only, we will learn about and work to awaken the God-goddess energy within. The sacred union of both aspects within. In a guided meditation we begin by clearing and balancing the chakras; our energy centers. The Ancient Goddess’, your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, will assist in releasing any long standing blocks and old wounds, clearing body, mind and spirit. Tap into your Ancient Wisdom to create Peace, balance & focus in your life!

Registration required. To register, make payment here:

(Address forwarded upon registration)

Group Past Life Regression    $33


Date: Contact for next available

Address: in The Village of Chitty Chatty. (Address given upon registration). 


Imagine turning back the pages in your History Book to explore aspects of your soul’s path! Feel empowered and refreshed as you deepen your connection to your Higher Self. Bring your journal so you can document the unfolding of your journey! Registration required. Exchange $33 To register, buy now...


Connecting with your Angels 

Date: TBA. A healing meditation that connects you with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Love Offering

Watch for the following additional classes:

Monthly Chakra Meditation Workshop, The Chakra Activation Series, Recalibrating your DNA, Awakening the God/Goddess Within, Nurturing the Divine Feminine, Working With the Gemstone Guardians,  Healing Meditation for Moms, Stretching your Intuitive Muscle, Group Past Life Regression, Connecting with your Angels and more! 

You can also be added to our waiting list for classes not yet on our calendar. We will notify you once the desired class is added. Click here!

Sumter County Libraries

Join Billie for a Free Guided Meditation Class via Zoom!


January 29th, 2021. 11:00-12:30


To register, call the Library at:

(352) 689-4567

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