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Straight From Mother Nature’s Pharmacy…     Gemstone Energy Medicine

Lapis Lazuli
A sampling of our Gemstone pharmacy
Peace and serenity is our goal
Gemstone Energy session
Amethyst crystal
Find your Zen

When you consider that every quartz clock, watch, cell phone, tablet and T.V. all run thanks to quartz crystals....and that crystals help propel information around the globe through our computers; we realize that the Earth has provided us with some amazing gifts!

Even Rubies are used in lasers to perform delicate surgery. ​


Therapeutic Gemstones have the ability to funnel their powerful healing energy into the body, locating areas of dense, low or negative vibration.  They then gently assist us in bringing to the surface and releasing any underlying issues that may have caused the physical illness, mental or emotional issue in the first place.

This is how we treat the 'whole' being, Mind, Body & Spirit, not just the physical symptoms or illness. With the combination of guided imagery and spiritual healing; deep level transformation happens in much less time than with standard treatment.

  •  Are you feeling 'stuck'? 

  • Struggling with managing long standing conditions?

  • Are standard treatments not working for you?

  • Want to find your center and purpose?              

  • Looking to raise your vibration to that of wellness, wholeness, confidence and joy?  


Discover what Gemstone Energy Medicine can do for you!  


"I was so amazed at the results of Gemstone Energy Treatments and the power of the human mind that I began to conduct case studies to share these important findings. One study showed the Gemstones were able to dissolve a blood clot in only 3 months time. During a liver detox, a past life issue was released. In another case an inflamed liver returned to its natural healthy state, no invasive therapy was needed. Scar tissue was reduced in another case and even Lyme's disease was cleared in yet another. 


It's amazing what we hold onto and store within our bodies and cellular make-up. Behind every physical, emotional and spiritual issue lies a limiting belief we hold about ourselves. With energy medicine we have the power to transform any condition because our true natural state is one of joy, health and abundance. Anything else is just 'the body talking to you'... Are you listening to your body?"     Birgit Weiss

Using only the finest therapeutic quality gemstones from Gemisphere, each selected Gemstone is graded 'Pharmaceutical' in strength and addresses different systems and areas of the body that have the potential to be uplifted and transformed. 

Benefits include:

                                                                                                                                      For Testimonials Click here...

  • Greater Energy and Vitality

  • Physical Healing and Purification

  • Emotional and Karmic Resolution

  • Mental Expansion

  • Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

  • Manifesting Goals


"Therapeutic Gemstones address the causes of ill health. How can Gemstones fill such a tall order? Modern physics reveals that all matter is energy in material from. The Earth’s Gemstones exemplify this natural Law. Every element of life, including the entire mineral kingdom, is comprised of molecules in motion, vibrating at rates unique to the substance they comprise.”                                       Michael Katz, PhD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Author, Founder of Gemisphere

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