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R&R for Professionals

Holistic Wellness Programs

to help Release Stress, Refresh and Re-New!

Elevate the Energy in your office!

   Now offering weekly/bi-weekly

   1 hr. Reiki and Guided  

   Meditation at your location!  

 * * *

  Call or text Billie at 631-394-5292

Benefits of a Wellness             

Program include...

•  Improve Immune Function

•  Sharpen Intuition and Focus

•  Reduce Anxiety, Depression

•  Increase Work Production

•  Reduce Inflammation,

   Pain & Stress

•  Enhance Healing &

   Inner Peace

•  Promote Restful Sleep

•  Increase Serotonin Levels

•  Lower Cholesterol and BP

•  Help Reduce Free Radicals

•  Relief from post operative pain

•  Improve Cognition related to

   Dementia and/or Alzheimer's

•  Improving Mind-Body

   Connection; Understanding Self

•  Bring Body, Mind & Spirit into  


             much more!

Customized Holistic Wellness 


* Guided Meditation & Reiki 

* Creative Visualization for

   Inner Peace & Self Healing 

* Working with the Therapeutic

   Properties of Crystals & Gems

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