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Intro to the Chakras

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New to chakras?

You may have heard the word "Chakra" before but perhaps are not quite sure what it's all about. Here is a great opportunity to find out more. 


'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel'. Our Chakras are actually vortexes of spiraling energy that take in information and energy from our surroundings which literally affects every area of our lives.


The clearer our chakras; the healthier we are... the more energy we have, we feel more balanced and focused. When our energy is low, or we become ill or depressed, it is often a sign that the chakras are clogged from past stress.

Included in this course is a guided meditation to help clear and bring balance to our chakras as well as the surrounding Auric field. Release stress and heighten the feelings of joy and inner peace. Discover how amazing the human body really is! 

Note: The chakra series (below) begins with an intro in the first module.  So you are not required to take the intro class prior to the series.


Chakra Activation Series   (9 week series)

Next Series Starts... March 15th, 2021

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Learn about the entire chakra system, including a few new ones! We will start with our root chakra and work our way to the crown. Learn where they are, what they do for us and how to clear and balance them.


Each weekly Module includes instruction, exercises and a downloadable healing meditation connected to the chakra we are working on.

This course becomes a Step-by-step process in your personal Awakening, clearing your physical vessel as well as emotional and mental clutter so you can more fully step into your power! No experience required. 


Once registered you will receive your instruction packet via email and an invitation to join our private Chakra Series community on Facebook.  Connect with your Soul Tribe!

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Available Chakra Activation Options:
  • $11.00
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    Create peace, balance and joy in times of change.
  • FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts
    Private Chakra Sessions
    FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts
    Private Chakra Sessions
    Delve deeper into your personal evolution with One on One Sessions.
  • Available any Time!
    Available any Time!
    An overview of how your chakras or energy system help balance your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

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9:00 a.m. to 11:30


Live Online Goddess 101 Class!


A 1.5 hour Class via Google Meet. Learn about some of the Ancient Goddesses who lived throughout time. Discover their many gifts and how they can help us reveal our inner Goddess!

The Divine Feminine is re-emerging! Join your fellow sisters. As a collective online group, the energy becomes very powerful. Experience a Live Guided Meditation for healing and awakening of your Inner Goddess! 

Interact and ask questions if you feel called to. A link to class meeting will be sent when registered. 

LOVE & LIGHT My Sweet!

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Awaken the Goddess Within   (A 9 week series) $199


The Divine Feminine energy is not only the nurturing and creation energy within each of us, it also helps us be in touch with our emotions, dreams and even our Mother Earth. This is the energy of giving and receiving, of 'feeling' as well as our intuition.

Are you feeling a little off with your giving and receiving?

It may be time create more balance in your life.

Each weekly modules address themes that help you uncover the true you so you can Rock the Goddess! Included in class you will; 


  • Learn about the ancient Goddesses and how to work with them

  • Receive Divine Guidance with Goddess Oracle cards 

  • Experience Guided Meditations each week 

  • Release limiting beliefs and blocks, heal old wounds

  • Activate the Divine Feminine blueprint within

  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Know the power that you hold

  • Feel confident and follow your Divine Calling

  • Connect with Goddesses like you in our Private Facebook group


Each weekly class becomes a healing session. Continuing to work at it for '9' weeks (the number of transformation), helps you to create healthier and happier patterns and way of life. You free yourself of limitations as you become more You! It's time to Rock the Goddess! Contact to be notified when class goes live.

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