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Online Classes - Coming Soon!

* Chakra Activation Series * ...coming February 2020!
* The Awakened Goddess *


Connecting with Your Angels

Online meditation class In the privacy of your own home. Learn how to connect with your Angels or Spirit Guides and how to ask for their assistance!

Angels are powerful and divine messengers!

Receive healing energy through a Guided Meditation.


What would you like guidance with?

◆ Love, Relationships

◆ Life Path

◆ Health

◆ Career and Money!

In a healing meditation we open our hearts to the angels and our spirit guides. With their guidance we release stress, pain or fear and replace it with the positive energy of peace and unconditional love. This flow of energy will help manifest the events and circumstances that are more in alignment with your hearts desires and your souls path.


You will connect to the energy of Peace; feel relaxed, renewed and empowered!


Exchange: $9.99

Simply register by purchasing your ticket online for your selected date! Information and link will be sent to you.