Private Sessions are now available online!

FaceTime "On The Path Sessions"!

Coaching, Meditation and Healing sessions from the privacy of your home! 

Have you ever asked, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?"

Do you feel the calling to follow your path and true purpose? Or maybe you just want to find inner peace and self healing.

We are all awakening at this time and ready to let go of the old limiting patterns and programing so that we can step into the highest version of ourselves; our True Selves! Without Ego or fear based thoughts controlling us. We are All in the process of purging and releasing the old outdated energy to make room for the New, high vibration energy that is our true nature! It's time to create your version of 5th Dimensional life! How does that look? 

With "On The Path" sessions, you will learn to Connect with your higher self and spirit guides through coaching and guided meditation. You can access that peace within and make the spiritual connection, tap into a higher knowing. Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides are always with you and guiding you! 

* Receive long distance healing energy, and awaken your own healing energy, bringing balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit!

First session Regularly $125 Now $80

Followup sessions $80

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FaceTime Angel Card Readings

Receive uplifting messages from your Angels from the comfort of your home. A 30 min. session is regularly $50, now only $33. You can also choose a 1 hour session which includes a guided healing meditation with your higher self and Angels!  What do your Angels want you to know? 

Half Hour $50
1 Hour $100

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Unlock your hidden potential!

Experience a beautiful blend of holistic modalities that help relieve stress and bring about relaxation. Each session is customized to help address your needs, right now, wherever you are on your path. Designed to bring forth your own inner healing abilities and self empowerment.

Whether you seek;​
  • Renewed Energy and Vitality

  • Physical or Emotional Healing

  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

  • Overcoming Negative Habits or Patterns

  • Karmic Resolution 

  • Spiritual Healing or

  • Self Empowerment & Confidence!

You have the ability to transform the things that do not serve you and enhance the things you love. Imagine leaving each session feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed!

At Reveal the Light Within we offer; 


                                                        Life Coaching 


                                   Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation

                                                 Reiki Energy Medicine

                                          Spiritual Counseling/Healing

                                            Gemstone Energy Medicine

                                                    Past Life Regression

                                                      Chakra Balancing

For your convenience, you can pay now to reserve a private session by clicking below. Sessions are $125 for the Initial visit and $80 for following visits.

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