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New Book, just published! 

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What an amazing time on the planet! We are all going through massive changes both internally and externally. There is so much good coming as we create and add to the Divine Plan of a peaceful, Loving World. 

But how do we navigate through it?

How do we go forward?

"How do I find balance and peace?"

"How do you I know what is right for me?"

This short guide book gives 14 easy Action Steps you can begin to take right now! Each chapter is only 1-2 pages making it easy to digest and put into action! Try one a day; practicing, letting it uplift you and inspire you. 

Makes a great gift for family and friends...

$8.88 paperback, $1.99 Kindle version and

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World Peace Meditation recorded live with a group on January 9, 2021. 

World Peace MeditationBirgit Weiss
00:00 / 40:36

Meditation: Meeting Your Higher Self


We are All awakening. Awakening to our True Selves! Fully connected; Mind, Body and Spirit!


Are you ready to embody your higher self?


"Your relationship with yourself determines your relationship with all others. It is the cornerstone to everything else in the universe"... every relationship and every situation!

"When we know and Love ourselves exactly as we are, we are giving ourselves permission to release old limiting beliefs which no longer serve us, and move into a new, evolved version of ourselves!"


Ebook cover.jpg

The Violet Flame Affirmation



...from non-believer to "Healer"!


A self-help book to inspire 'self' healing and awakening. Included are conversations, exercises, meditations and inspirational advice from Ascended Masters, Collectives, Angels and beings of the Highest Light who came through clients to share messages of Love and healing for humanity. 

Available on Amazon!

Excerpt from my first book..."How I Got on My Journey"


"Love only seeks to reveal itself, to show itself in all its glory. Love seeks itself out so that each one and each thing can feel its presence. Allow yourself to be drawn to Love. It’s pulling you by the hands and heart. Feel the breeze of it on your face. Feel how it tickles the fringes of your heart. Be in it wholly. It is the energy that makes us all one; truly one heart! Know that you are Love; that Love is you! That Love wants only to love through you. So ask yourself, how will you experience Love today? How will you learn it; how will you teach it?” Jesus Leaves and Athena returns.


by Artist Akiane Kramarik

painted at age 8


Violet Flame - Birgit Weiss
Full Moon Meditation Billie Weiss
00:00 / 18:15
Stress Relief Guided Meditation
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Create peace, balance and joy in times of change.
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