Recalibrating your DNA

Yes! It really is possible!

In the midst of the great cosmic events we are currently under...the Snow Moon, a Lunar Eclipse and the New Year Comet..we are gifted by heaven an influx of positive, healing energy. Any one of these events is very powerful, and affects us on deep levels whether we are aware or not, but all three at the same time is monumental!

The tumultuous times we currently live in demand that we exercise our power (LOVE energy) while utilizing all the gifts Heaven is providing. With this New, Fresh Energy from the Cosmos, we have the opportunity to transform our lives! With intention and a little assistance from higher self; the I AM presence and the company of heaven we can heal and activate our own DNA!

Feel like there are parts of you still laying dormant?

That's because there are! I know the feeling! But oh how exciting to know there is more to come and yes we ALL have a purpose and a mission!

What parts of you would you like to awaken?

Close your eyes, Breathe Deeply and slowly Inhaling Golden White Light through the nose...exhale any holding, stress or old patterns through the mouth...

Ask yourself the question again....

what is the first thing that comes to you?

Write it down and take a few moments to imagine how that will look!

You have just sent your powerful intention out to the universe! Stay positive and excited at what will come back to you! What you put out always comes back!

Join us Wednesday Feb., 15th for our upcoming..."Recalibrating your DNA" workshop!

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