Meeting Your Higher Self!

Today I recorded a guided meditation to meet your higher self. I came across the process a few days ago and it was so powerful! Literally Life changing!! I had to share!!!

I feel that we are so conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers and things to make us happy and yet we always hear that we need to go listen to that quiet voice, our inner being or higher self for direction, answers and guidance. I have to say, I struggled with quieting the mind a very long time, still working on it!

We are powerful creator beings. We are literally energy, drawing to us exactly what we need to help us awaken and align with our Soul's purpose. It's like we are these walking magnets...drawing to us a match to our current energy. If you are happy you invite more happy moments, if sad or in fear, know, like attracts like! It's science. practicing meditation, quieting the mind and going within, we can bridge the gap between our higher selves and our physical selves, Our higher self has all the answers and knows our life path. So let's go there!

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