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"My experience with Billie Weiss has brought me from old school thinking about life and how I live to a modern approach of enlightenment. She has shown me " the way " on how to empower myself and bring about change. A change that I want to make; to be the person I want to be." B.C. 


"I thank the heavens above for placing Billie in my life! Her KNOWLEDGE and ENERGY has made me stronger, healthier, and happier. I have reached levels I never thought I could. September I was facing abdominal exploratory surgery to find scar tissue from past surgeries. To avoid another surgery, I sought out an alternative which brought me Billie.  She used, Gem Stones, Reiki and Guided Meditation (which brought me to some past life experiences, WOW!). My body and mind, are in the best shape ever, and I do not need the surgery. Thank you Billie for sharing your wisdom and energy on me, you are what the world needs." Mary C.


"Billie - You are an incredible facilitator and channel of light. I am so deeply blessed by our connection. My intuition told me that you were the one that would create a sacred space for me to open up to finally release what no longer serves me. I must tell you that our session was an amazing healing experience. You gave me an immediate sense of comfort and knowing that I was safe in your care, which allowed me to face something that felt unbelievably overwhelming. Your gentle guidance and loving light illuminated a path of healing that enabled me to see clearly to the heart of the matter and to let go in forgiveness and love. I walked away lighter, feeling filled with a new sense of joy and gratitude. I ask all the angels and the powers that be to bless you for your genuine service."

In love and appreciation,



"This was an amazing healing on many, many levels. The acute pain over time had become tolerable. The blood clots had dissolved and remarkably, no new ones emerged. Originally I had felt everything inside was swollen and inflamed. After all my treatments I feel almost completely healed. I couldn’t have done it without my dear friend and healer- Billie; her super green gems, the universe and all the “unseen” healers on this beautiful journey. I am forever grateful.” 

Signed; Lynn G. 




"I feel lighter physically; like I lost 10 pounds! I feel spiritually lifted. Mentally I am clearer; not confused or stressed out. Emotionally I’m on top of the world right now. I know my strength and am confident in my future."



"Recently I had a Gem therapy session to clear my liver.  During the treatment I had a brief vision of a past life that helped lift a limiting belief I had about myself. After the session I felt much lighter and freer having released toxins from the liver and healing a past life! I feel better about myself lately and strongly believe that it is connected to this Gem therapy session." M.W. 




“This healing with the Rhodochrosite Gemstone was truly amazing! I wasn’t completely healing after recent surgery and had ongoing bladder pain and infections. The Rhodochrosite was placed on the area and I immediately felt it working with a mild cramping and ‘pulling’; drawing out the lower energies. The attachments that apparently I was still holding onto were finally able to be released. It was a beautiful experience! 

Subsequently, I not only feel great physically, but have noticed great emotional changes between not only myself but my daughter as well. The separation anxiety has left us both and we have noticed other anxieties and tensions that we had possessed are completely gone. The Rhodochrosite was life changing in so many ways! Thank you!”   





"Dear Birgit,  

 I wanted to write you and say thank you for all you are doing to help me. When we first started I felt tired and sluggish all the time, broken you might say to the point of giving up. I can’t say thank you enough as I can feel the dark cloud leaving and improvement with my spirit and a general outlook on life getting better. I know I still have a road ahead of me to truly find the person I am sure I can be. I am certain with your continued help I will get there because I am already more calm and peaceful and beginning to become light hearted again; joking around. I am beginning to look for opportunities once again that will help improve my situation. I don’t feel as lost, helpless or stuck as I did. I honestly believe that it is only through your gem therapy that I am slowly back on track. I now believe that with an open mind and having a great spiritual healer like you in my life all things are possible."  

Best regards,

Robert G  


“This is a testimony to the work of Birgit Weiss. I Sophie Marcus had a head injury January 8, 2009. My life was forever altered. My equilibrium is being rebuilt through her expert intuitive care. Billie (Birgit) is using her knowledge of crystal healing to allow me to reach my full potential as an integrated human being. She is terrific-”

Sophia J. M.



"The Crystal Skull Infused Rose Quartz session was beyond my expectations!!  The overwhelming LOVE that I experienced was amazingly intense and over flowing!!  My whole body REALLY felt infused with such love.  If I had to choose just one session over any one...THIS would be the one (LOVE) to experience!!!!

Forever Grateful, Forever Blessed"   LMG




Workshop Testimonials


"Billie, Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. I just want to share that once again I'm experiencing amazing after effects from your energy. It's like an ongoing vibration of healing energy coursing   through me. You might have to shake me back to reality at the next workshop. I hope everyone else is feeling it too. Enjoy the wave of deep healing my friends."



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