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Serving The Villages Community and surrounding area. Thank you for visiting!

Village Holistic Healing

Birgit 'Billie' Weiss

Transformational Therapies

Wellness & Empowerment for Mind, Body & Spirit

Billie Weiss has over 20 years experience helping children and adults. Her specialties include Energy Medicine, Spiritual Healing and Hypnotherapy.  Combining therapies to address a desired outcome enables her clients to make the mind-body connection. They become a team player in restoring health and wellness.  

What do most people want?      A deeper Connection to Soul, to the Higher Self

                                                     To Become Confident

                                                     To be Self Loving 

                                                     Better Physical and Emotional Health

                                                     Healthy Relationships

                                                     Connection to Community and to one's 'Soul Tribe'      

We are all on an amazing journey of Spiritual awakening. Together, we will work to bring healing and balance to mind, body and spirit.  It's time for the True you to emerge.  Live your best Life Now!


Treatments include:                   Life Coaching 


                                                      Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation

                                                      Reiki Energy Medicine

                                                      Spiritual Counseling/Healing

                                                      Gemstone Energy Medicine

                                                      Past Life Regression

                                                      Chakra Balancing

Holistic treatments can help with the following and so much more:

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