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Not sure how to go forward from here?

Check out my latest book:

"Action Steps...going forward"


Imagine being able to rewire your inner makeup!  

Gain more confidence... 

Expand your consciousness and intuition

Raise your vibration

Heal yourself and others!

Holistic Therapies are known to help transmute negative energy or patterns that hold you back from being your True Self! 

In this practice I use a blend of Natural Modalities such as Energy Medicine, Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing, to help create more inner peace and balance in your Life.


The goal for each of us... this includes you! ... is to awaken to, or remember your greatness!  That is what the 'Awakening' or 'Ascension' is All about!  You are a Divine Soul! Here on Earth at this time with your own personal path or mission.

Everyone has their own unique gifts and talents. What brings you the most joy and bliss? These are the seeds of greatness straight from the Creator. So follow your Heart! Follow your Passion! Your passion is your path!

Wishing you Abundance and Bliss,

Billie Weiss

Office Location;

10935 S.E. 177th Pl., Suite 403

Summerfield, FL 34491


Initial Consult and Energy Session $ 200 (1.5 Hour)

Follow up Sessions $100 

(1 Hour)

Package of 6 $ 555

By appointment only.

Available via Zoom.

Contact for times and dates.

Meditation Instruction this Spring!   2 FREE Library Events

Transformation Meditation Process- April 19th 2:00 pm
Pinellas Public Library
7375 Powell Rd, Wildwood, FL 34785
352 689 4580

Bring Yoga Mat and Journal. This class fills up fast!

Meditation 101- April 26th 2:00pm

Belvedere Public Library

325 Belvedere Boulevard
The Villages, FL 32162
352 689 4567

Available Online...

Soul Activation Sessions

Have you ever asked, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?"

With this online Zoom or FacetTime session you will be guided to go within and do the inner work that is needed to ascend and raise your vibration at this time. Deepen your connection with your Higher Self (the part of you that has all the answers!) and your Spirit Guides! You are never alone!


We begin with a card reading for guidance on the current energy, situation and intentions you have. A guided healing meditation follows to help:

* Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

* Bring healing energy to your current condition or 

   situation to lift and transform negative energy

* Ground and anchor the new uplifting energy 


It is time to awaken the magic within. Activate your own healing energy, bringing peace, balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit!

1hr. Zoom Session $100

1.5hr. $150

Package of 6 Sessions $555

(Save $92.50!)

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Your receipt will be emailed with payment to 'Reveal the Light Within'.

More ways to find your peace and purpose...

Online classes;  Click here!


Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH 

Author, Holistic Practitioner

More about me, click here!

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Always remember... "Follow your Passion!"

"Your Passion IS your Path!"

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