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"I am very passionate about helping others uncover who they really are.  I have studied numerous forms of holistic medicine on healing the mind, body and Soul. Through this journey I discovered it is all connected! We are all connected. We truly are One. The microcosm and the macrocosm. The whole you in and part of the All; everything. A very important part! Yes, you matter!


Today, I assist others in rewiring their inner makeup with a powerful combination of energy medicines, hypnosis and spiritual healing. Each session is unique and tailored to you, healing and releasing the old so you can awaken and align with your calling. BE your True Self!"

                                                                                                                       Billie Weiss


Soul Activation Readings

Have you ever asked, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?"

Do you feel the calling to follow your path and true purpose?

Or maybe you just want to find inner peace and self healing.

We are All in the process of letting go of the old, making space for the new. Time to say good-by to the 3D Matrix with its limiting beliefs and patterns. Time to say Hello to 5D; the True Self! Be the joy, peace and Love you always envisioned.


We are All creator beings, now creating the New Earth....new communities and new ways of living.

How do you see yourself in this new paradigm?

What are your dreams and passions?

You have purpose! 

No one else has the exact same visions, dreams and passions. There is a seed inside of you ready to sprout!  It's time to truly follow your heart!

1hr. Zoom Session $80

1.5hr. $125

With Soul Activation Readings, you will be guided to access the Peace within.

Deepen your connection with Higher Self and your Spirit Guides!


We begin with a card reading for guidance on the current energy and intentions you have.

Throughout the session you will receive healing activation energy. 

Lastly a guided meditation helps anchor in the healing and ground the uplifting experience so you can feel and own the shifts that take place within. 


It is time to step into the True You! Awaken your magic within. Activate your own healing energy, bringing peace, balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit! You got this!

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Always remember... "Follow your Passion!"

"Your Passion IS your Path!"


Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH 

Author, Holistic Practitioner

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