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I am very passionate about helping people uncover who they truly are.  In the past 20 + years, I have studied numerous forms of holistic medicine for healing the mind, body and Soul.


As an Ascension Practitioner, I can assist you in rewiring your inner makeup with a powerful blend of Energy Medicine, Self-hypnosis and Spiritual Healing. Each session is unique and tailored to your specific needs.


When you release the blocks and old programming that have been holding you back, you are more able to reveal your inner Light and let your Soul Self shine through!  It's time to follow your passions! After all. your passion IS your path. So Reveal the Light Within!

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Only $75 for a 1 Hour Session

Regularly $125.00 

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You will contacted within 24hrs to schedule.

By appointment only.

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Available Online...

Soul Activation Sessions

Have you ever asked, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?"

With this online Zoom or FacetTime session you will be guided to go within and do the inner work that is needed to ascend and raise your vibration at this time. Deepen your connection with your Higher Self (the part of you that has all the answers!) and your Spirit Guides! You are never alone!


We begin with a card reading for guidance on the current energy, situation and intentions you have. A guided healing meditation follows to help:

* Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

* Bring healing energy to your current condition or 


* Ground and anchor the new uplifting energy 


It is time to awaken the magic within. Activate your own healing energy, bringing peace, balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit!

1hr. Zoom Session $125

1.5hr. $175

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Always remember... "Follow your Passion!"

"Your Passion IS your Path!"

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Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH 

Author, Holistic Practitioner

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