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Create Peace and JOY in your Life...

"How do I do that?"   ... by going within!  It's an inside job! 


Have you ever asked, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?"

Do you feel the calling to follow your path and true purpose? Or maybe you just want to find inner peace and self healing.

We are all awakening at this time and ready to let go of the old limiting patterns and programing that have held us back!

We can then step into the highest version of ourselves; our True Selves! That means, no longer letting the Ego mind or fear based thoughts control us. We are All in the process of purging and releasing the outdated energy to make room for the New, high vibration 5th Dimensional energy that is our true nature.  We are now creating the New Earth together!


How do you see yourself in this new paradigm?

What are your dreams and passions?

You have purpose! No one else has the exact same visions, dreams and passions.

Once you begin to awaken to your inner Truth, nothing can stop you from following your heart!

My "On the Path" sessions are a great way to help you get there at any stage. Together we will co-create true transformation.

FaceTime "I AM Sessions"!

Coaching, Meditation and Healing sessions

from the privacy of your home! 

With "I AM" sessions, you will be guided to access the Peace within and make the spiritual connection, tap into a higher knowing. Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides are always with you and guiding you! 

Receive long distance healing energy, therapeutic Crystal and Gemstone energy and Spiritual Healing. Awaken your own healing energy, bringing balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit!

In person: First session $125, 

Followup sessions $80


FaceTime 1hr. $80 

1.5hr. $125

(special arrangements available)

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Birgit 'Billie' Weiss, HC CGEM RMT CH 

Author, Holistic Practitioner

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Always remember... "Follow your Passion!"

"Your Passion IS your Path!"

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