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Cultivate JOY!

Welcome to our new homepage for online services while we All spend time indoors...let's go within!

... and eradicate the Fear! Ease the stress and anxiety! Let's go within while having to stay in.

As we work on ourselves, we contribute to raising the vibration of the collective.  Every Meditation and prayer sends a ripple out and inspires others to uplift.  This is how we eradicate the global Fear. Time to take a few deep breaths and come into peace and center, that's where we find our Joy!  It's an inside job! 


Here are a few ways to find your peace in a changing world... 

Introducing FaceTime "On The Path Sessions"!

FaceTime Coaching and healing sessions from the privacy of your home! 

Are you looking for Spiritual Awakening or Expanded Consciousness?

We are all being called to follow our path and true purpose. On the path to enlightenment we often have old 'blocks' and fears that keep us from achieving our hearts calling.

In a 45 min. session, learn to connect with your higher self and spirit guides through guided meditation. Receive long distance healing energy, bringing balance and transformation to all levels; Mind, Body and Spirit! Follow your Passion! After all your Passion IS your Path!

Introductory Price $45 for 45 min. Save 25%! Regularly $60

Once registered and payment is made, you will be contacted for appointment details!

FaceTime Angel Card Readings

Receive uplifting messages from your Angels from the comfort of your home. A 30 min. session is regularly $50, now only $33. You can also choose a 1 hour session which includes a guided healing meditation with your higher self and Angels!  What do your Angels want you to know? 

Half Hour special $33 (reg. $50)

1 Hour special $60

(reg. $100)

* Pay ahead and you will be contacted to set up an appointment. Leave your preferred day/time and time zone.

Online classes now available!

The following are classes now being converted to online. Click to register and be notified for the classes of your choice.

1. Chakra Series   (A 7 week series) $33

Learn about the entire chakra system, including a few new chakras! We will start with our root chakra and work our way to the crown. Learn where they are, what they do for us and how to clear and balance them. Each week includes a healing meditation connected to that chakra. No experience required. 

Coming online soon...

2. Awaken the Goddess Within   (A 9 week series) $44           

The Divine Feminine energy is not only the nurturing and creation energy within each of us, it also helps us be in touch with our emotions, dreams and even our Mother Earth. This is the energy of giving and receiving!

Are you feeling off balance with your giving and receiving?

Learn about the ancient Goddess’ and receive Divine Guidance with Goddess Oracle cards. Through guided meditations, we will journey to the Goddess Temple, where the Goddesses will work on you directly, helping release limiting beliefs and blocks while activating the divine feminine blueprint within. Each class becomes a healing session. It's time to Rock the Goddess! Contact to be notified when class goes live!